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JAZZ Abstructure

Andrea Del Vescovo: Trumpet

Matteo Paggi: Trombone Anja Gottberg: Double Bass Anton Sconosciuto: Drums

13/05/2022 - Abstructure is a band that does not want to impress the audience with the show or with somersaults and virtuosity. The intention of the band is to create a group sound in a bubble, which includes all musicians. And when the bubble starts to become dense and attractive, it expands, integrating every listener who will feel cuddled and inside something that brings artists and audiences together. Abstructure presents original songs composed by each band member, and the fact of being a piano-less quartet allows for intense and very intimate cloudy moments. Melodic power is one of the strengths of the band, which tries to create an original sound using colors that go to the limits of instrumental possibilities. The songs are often based on paintings by modern or contemporary painters, and the sound of the band (which is the most important thing) harks back to the sound of the living legend Enrico Rava, seeking an interplay that gives space to each musician on stage.


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