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Pianoconcert Roberto Guijarro

Zondag 1 maart - Robert Guijarro (1986) is a concert pianist with a Spanish and Dutch background (Conservatorio Joaquín Turina Madrid, Conservatorio de Cordoba, Rotterdams Conservatorium).

Chopin was influenced by Polish folk tunes, while Debussy was influenced by literature, paintings, and of course by Chopin. Some say thes two composers represent romanticism the former, and impressionism the latter. Let’s enjoy the wonderful music, whether it enchants us by emotional exuberance or suggestion and atmosphere.


Debussy Brouillards (second book of preludes)

Chopin Ballade No 1, op. 23

Debussy Feuilles Mortes (second book of preludes)

Chopin Ballade No 2, op. 38


Debussy La Puerta del vino (second book of preludes)

Chopin Ballade No 3, op. 47

Debussy Reflets dans l’eau (first book of images)

Chopin Ballade No 4, op. 52

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