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KhKC #65 met Rosh Abdelfatah

An evening with filmmaker Rosh Abdelfatah Proud to be friends, proud to present his new works! Rosh Abdelfatah (1982) is making films ever since he arrived in Holland 18 years ago. All his films have an unexpected and strikingly fresh point of view. He shows us the world as we haven’t seen it before. Of course Syria, Aleppo and refugees are subjects, but let’s be clear: they are his subjects, heartfelt and personal, drenched in poetry, dance and music. He generously shares his Kurdish and Arab riches. Theatre of Wrong Decisions #Syria - 6’13”, 2014 The soul of Aleppo - 7’21”, 2017 Don’t forget us - 2’09”, 2017 (separating loved ones is a crime, Rumi) Words, Words, Words - 2’09”, 2017 Caravan - 16’39” (work in progress)

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