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In the vibrant tapestry of 2023, Tante Nino hosted the culmination of Anaphora's 2-week research residency. It was a performance brimming with their innovative, experimental energy. The Trio took center stage, revealing the results of their dedicated rehearsal efforts, introducing fresh material destined for their upcoming album. With a keen focus on rhythmic and timbral exploration, especially around the prepared piano, Anaphora, a musical organism dedicated to the art of improvisation, cultivated a unique atmosphere where tensions between bodies and instruments seamlessly harmonised.

The event served as a dynamic showcase, putting a spotlight on Anaphora's celebrated debut album, "Lexicon I," which had graced the airwaves since its release in April 2022. The Trio's accomplishments, including securing the 2nd prize at the prestigious Krokus Jazz Festival and garnering support from Italy Music Export 2022, were prominently featured. The evening encapsulated a celebration of artistic innovation, a culmination of the residency's journey, and a testament to the continued support propelling Anaphora's musical odyssey.



In 2022, Tante Nino proudly assumed the role of host for the Incubator, a dynamic event meticulously organized by Codarts, University of the Arts. This annual creative extravaganza served as a pulsating playground, a hub where inspiration, interdisciplinary co-creation, and the exploration of cutting-edge ideas converged.

Over the week, every facet of the Incubator program embarked on an exhilarating adventure, seamlessly weaving together various artistic disciplines, spaces, and the diverse voices of creators across the lively city of Rotterdam. The event not only unfurled the rich tapestry of creative possibilities within the arts but also solidified Tante Nino's standing as a dynamic centre, a vibrant nucleus fostering experimentation and cross-disciplinary synergy. As the Incubator unfolded within its walls, Tante Nino became more than a venue; it emerged as a pulsating heartbeat in Rotterdam's creative landscape, pulsing with the energy of innovative exploration and collaborative expression.

Saudade 35.jpg

SAUDADE 2020, 2019


The music/dance/circus performance SAUDADE sought to express a sense of longing and loss experienced by those who have left their homeland, aiming to provoke curiosity and evoke empathy towards individuals living far from home and their loved ones. The performance centred around the experiences of its creators and was developed over four weeks in June 2019, with its premiere held in September at Tante Nino's Tuinpodium. Tante Nino took charge of producing the performance.

The significance of Saudade resonated deeply with the artists due to their migration backgrounds, reflecting a shared sense of longing. Three personal migration stories guided the performance, exploring themes of migration for political reasons, migration for love, and migration in search of a better future.

SAUDADE comprised five parts: an introduction, three migration stories, and a finale where the narratives converged. Each of the three stories emphasized a specific discipline – dance, music, or circus. The collaborative method of creation was employed in the development of the performance, enriching its narrative and artistic expression.


NEW Maas SOUNDS 2018

In 2018, Tante Nino organized a concert series with specific Rotterdam artists. Under the banner of 'Nieuwe Maas Klanken'. A 'well-known' professional musician from Rotterdam was linked to an aspiring musician or a group of aspiring musicians, for each concert.

The artists have a relationship with both Rotterdam and another country: they are either originally foreign and now Rotterdammers, or originally Rotterdammers and now live abroad. The musicians are professionals from Tante Nino's own network, who enjoy playing on Tante Nino's intimate living room stage.

Financial support has been received from the Van Wijngaarden-Boot Collection Foundation, the Gilles Hondius Foundation and the People's Power Foundation.

Noordereiland ochtend 06-05 29.jpg

Castellers 2017

Aunt Nino invited 150 Castellers from Vilafranca del Penedès (Catalonia) to build an eight-story human tower with neighborhood and city residents. 150 Spanish visitors were hosted by local volunteers, to ensure this acrobatic feat could be performed!


The philosophy of the event, was to emphasise tha anyone who wants to, can participate. Building a solid tower requires people of all shapes and sizes.

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