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Year Zero

The aim of Year Zero is to present the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial - Buildings are Not Enough to the wider public. This first biennial will take place in October of this year in Tbilisi, Georgia. Year Zero will take place during the IABR International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, at Tante Nino on June, 23 2018. Tbilisi Architecture Biennial (TAB) was established in 2017 by group of local Architects. TAB aims to bring professionals from diverse disciplines together to address local urban and architectural issues on a biannual basis. Architects, policy-makers, local public and other stakeholders will be present at the event, initiating and broadening existing critical discourse on architectural and urban issues in Tbilisi and beyond. The upcoming Tbilisi Architecture Biennial will explore the informality of the built and lived spaces of residential settlements in Tbilisi while looking at similar cases globally. Under the name Buildings Are Not Enough, the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial will study the transformational processes and newly reinvented patterns of city-dwellers. The intention is to emphasize the informal alterations made to architecture and the built environment that have been undertaken by inhabitants to suit their changing needs.

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