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The Squat

Guitarists Lukas Simonis and Misha Feigin are seasoned improvisers coming together across the punk-hippie generational divide.

Lukas has his musical and cultural roots in punk rock. His playing incorporates high energy noise, uncompromising directness, and refreshing ingenuity. Using electric guitar with numerous pedals and effects, Lucas skillfully creates a multiplicity of textural and harmonic possibilities. His phrasing is exact, minimal and expressive.

Feigin spent his formative years on the fringe of the Moscow hippie scene practicing the art of annoying authorities. Coming from a classical background, Feigin does not use electronics, instead exploring the sonic potential of his instrument - a classical guitar. He is constantly searching for unorthodox ways to create fresh sounds, new harmonics and overtones. At the same time, his playing tends to be melodic and meditative.

Feigin is also a poet and writer. Metaphysics and wry humor coexist in his texts, which are integral to the Simonis/Feigin performance.

Both Simonis and Feigin have produced and released numerous albums and were involved in a variety of cross-media projects with dancers, visual artists and writers.

Simonis and Feigin explore a musical space that cannot be rigidly defined and includes a multiplicity of styles. Their musical interaction is based on sensitivity and the support of ideas offered for improvisation. Dark humor – both musical and textual – is also is an important part of their collaboration. The sounds they make together are unique to their duo.

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