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Dúo Canario é Curió (Theo & Zé)

MARCH 11, 2022

Duo Canario e Curio Formed by the percussionist, singer and multi instrumentalist Jose Villegas aka Zé Malandro (Spain) and the Guitarrist and Composer Theo De Blasis (Brazil), the Duo presents a pocket show in hommage to the music of Joao Bosco and Aldir Blanc, important composers of the generation after Bossa Nova, known for their sophisticated harmonies and sinuous melodies, and comprises of rhythmical and uplifting songs as well as contemplative ones, going from Samba and Partido Alto to Boleros, Afro rhythms, mourish influeces and Jazz, creating a rich and varied landscape of sounds that travels through Brazil presenting its diversity and richness.


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