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za 22 jun



Concert: Blind Dates Medjool

Four musicians, two duos, one evening.

Concert: Blind Dates Medjool
Concert: Blind Dates Medjool

Tijd & locatie

22 jun 2024, 20:00 – 22:00

Rotterdam, Van der Takstraat 102B, 3071 LM Rotterdam, Netherlands

Wat is er te zien?

"Medjool" means 'to not know' in Arabic. And, in this concert it also means: Two musicians who never played in duo with each other and have different backgrounds, encounter each other to make common or uncommon ground.

Stanimir & Dean, Ruggero & Laia, are the four intrepid explorers.

"Medjool Dates" are described as having a "Soft and crunchy flesh, and a mildly rich and pleasing flavor", but how do they taste when they grow in sound?

Maybe "Medjool Dates" don't have to please you all the time? Maybe, they can still be soft, sweet, crunchy, but.... But are you ready to hear the "but"?

Four musicians, two duos, one evening:

PRESENTING MEDJOOL 1:  - Stanimir Lambov: guitars - Dean Montanaro: bass guitar Stanimir Lambov is a Bulgarian guitarist, improviser and composer. His guitar playing is influenced by all kinds of music including jazz, classical, world, rock, blues, funk, electronic and much more. Stanimir loves spontaneity and improvisation and has developed a big interest in fully improvised music. He recently released a  solo guitar album with his project "Ensemble de Solitude", he is part of "Tututu Orquestra" and "Lamp Of(f)", among other projects.

More info about Stanimir: //

Dean Montanaro is an electric and double bass player from Malta, based in Rotterdam. His musical life started out playing rock and heavy metal, deep in dark garage complexes in his home country, and performing at clubs at a very early age. He met his bass mentor by the time he turned 18, which is also when he immersed himself completely in the jazz art form and improvisation in general. Dean is part of bands such as "Antares Flare and "Su Nichel", among many other projects based in the Netherlands. More about Dean:

PRESENTING MEDJOOL 2: - Ruggero di Luisi: drums and electronics

- Laia Escartin: viola, voice

Ruggero di Luisi is a Sicilian drummer, composer and producer investigating improvisation, sonic shapes, deconstructing textures and synaesthesia through different mediums including drums, percussion and electronics.For ever curious in various expressions and forms of the collective spirit. Ruggero recently released his own album, and he is part of projects such as" Tututu Orquestra". "Kopieslav radio", "Black baby tiger" among many other projects.

More about Ruggero: //

Laia Escartin is a half spanish half flemish singer, violist and composer.  She is fascinated by different folk traditions, especially by all the different Mediterranean. In her search, she gets inspired by those ancient sounds, which are also a way to travel to other worlds, learn of them and then tell the story again. She is part of "Escarteen Sisters" and "Xaloq", and collaborates different temporal projects based in the Netherlands.

More about Laia: //

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